Our approach to pruning is both artistic and disciplined. We appreciate the individual growth habits of each plant and rules of form and structure. We are inspired by bonsai and classical techniques and have had instruction from well-regarded, award-winning specialists. Other skills include discouraging blights and diseases, increasing air flow, and maximizing fruit and flower production. We always keep our tools sterilized and sharp to prevent transmission of diseases from tree to tree. Susceptible cuts are sealed and dressed. Each tree is pruned with a long-term vision for the future potential and health of the plant.

  • Free, on-site initial consultation and estimates
  • Specimen trees and shrubs up to 20′ tall
  • Fruit grafts and trouble shooting services for pollination and production
  • Ornamental shrubs and specimen trees including:
    • Conifers
    • Japanese maples
    • Ornamental flowering trees and shrubs