At Adhoculture, we believe the ideal residential garden embraces its natural environment, enhances well-being, and creates balance in spirit and nature. A purpose-built landscape can reflect personal style, open space for social gatherings, and bring emotional and financial value to your home. Blessed with the natural abundance of the Pacific Northwest, our hands-on, highly personalized approach combines extensive knowledge of the region’s plants and microclimates discovered/gained through decades of in-depth field experience with a trained background in design. We offer our clients a diverse range of styles and services to their landscape and gardening challenges – from a native woodland or an English-inspired flower garden, to a Japanese-influenced high-Cascade boulder landscape or urban edible garden. In everything we do – whether it’s a restoration of a large estate garden or maintenance of a small city bungalow – our solutions are grounded in simplicity, resourcefulness, imagination, and functionality.

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